How to Stop MTN from sending you Useless Text Messages

MTN is really fucking up with these messages they send that we don’t request. Sometimes they even send them at the wrong time maybe when one is sleeping at night. (˘̯˘ ) ( ˘˘̯) . Seriously its so annoying. They’ll tell you you have a free subscription for a particular service and then they’ll still start removing your money. Sometimes I load card and suddenly #50 is gone.

Although they’re kinda getting better in their services except for these text messages. Before, MTN customer service never picks my calls – this happens time and again that I started believing that MTN never picks their customers’ calls, but now it does not take up to 5 mins and what you’ll hear is; gbum gbum… the next thing would be; “Hello my name is Ena, you’re welcome to the MTN customer service how may I help you?”, I also discovered that the cost of SMS for all networks is reducing.

These networks are also doing their best to protect their customers from any form of discomfit. And this is the introduction of opting out of their messages. When I get a new message to my phone and hear it ring, there’s a kind of joy that comes next, but when I discovers the message came from MTN and its just an advert, I get upset or at least the Joy dies. So I had to make a research, on how I can opt out of these adverts. And my research yield a good result. Enough said, let me share my findings with you.

How to Stop Message from MTN

1. Get your phone, whether a high end mobile device or a nokia touch light.

2. Send Stop to 33111

Having done that, You’ll be replied with a message:

You will be removed from our campaign database within 24hrs. Thank you.

The steps above covers for messages from; 33113, 33115, 35020, 35685… You may get messages from numbers like; 4100, MTN pulse (or pulse-bonus). But you only get messages from those numbers if you opt in for one service or the other. You get messages on callers tune from 4100 according to the customer service, same with other MTN services.

You may also get messages from “MTN N” or “MTN Nigeria”, I called MTN customers service and we talked at length, and I was told that the message from these two can’t be stopped. Its just like a message from admins – but what I don’t like about it is; MTN uses that medium to advertise. On the conversation with the customer service, I insisted that there must be a way to stop those ads, but I was told that the messages are sent from the network. And there’s no code or instruction for stopping messages from MTN N. In the end, they promised that I wont receive adverts anymore.

So if MTN sends you spam (unwanted messages) with their company’s name, you may call them that you no longer want messages based on adverts or campaigns, e.g. “loose wait”… and that you’d prefer updates on MTN products. With that said we’re done, hope you got served

Akindoyin Damilola


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