Yaba Tech’s PRO fired for looting school Treasury


In the latest twist of a widening corruption scandal,
SaharaReporters has learned that Mrs. Margaret
Kudirat, the Yaba College of Technology College
Rector, fired the school’s lead Public Relations
Officer. Mr. Adams Kunle, is the first casualty of
what some are calling allegations of ‘mass looting’ of the school treasury running into millions of naira.

The dismissal of Kunle comes within weeks of a
petition filed by the Bursar and Chief Financial
Officer of Yaba College of Technology. In it, Mr. Olu
Ibirogba, the school’s Bursar had named Mrs.
Margaret Kudirat, and others, in a highly detailed
description of money juggling, questionable
financial practices, and outright theft over a four year span. The petition was sent to the Minister of Education, and the office of President Goodluck
Jonathan, and the allegations have sent shock
waves across much of the academic community
throughout Nigeria.

An impeccable source at the institution who confided
in our correspondent, had disclosed that as soon the
news was broken by SaharaReporters, it became a
subject of wide discussion in the public domain. The
Rector reportedly became furious with the story, and
had blamed the school’s Public Relations Officer,
Mr. Adams Kunle, for not doing enough to tamp the
story down.

“Actually, the annoyance of madam (Margaret
Kudirat) is that the Public Relations Officer could not manage the issue as she had expected. (Margaret Kudirat) told me when she was contacted by the
reporter on the telephone, she couldn’t speak
officially because she was in the airport, and that she decided to inform the PRO immediately on the issue” our source told us.” The aim was of discussing it with the reporter, and possibly having the story killed.

That was her view because, if allowed to go on in the
public domain, the story would have a very serious
and bad effect on her person.

“But to the surprise and annoyance of Margaret
Kudirat, the PRO couldn’t handle the situation, was
unable to give the story the ‘spin’ she desired. And
coupled with the embarrassment the revelations from the petition had brought to her, she was left with no other option than to fire the PRO and that was why the PRO was sacked.”

As we talk, a new PRO has been appointed in his
place. The new person is Elder Charles Oni. Charles
is an elder in the Apostolic Church, and a member of
the staff at the institution. The appointment of
Charles is curious, even funny, if you hear the story.”
What our source now says is that Margaret Kudirat,
is about to begin ‘counter spin,’ as the story of
massive theft at the institution over the last four years

gets ‘legs.’ While the story gets legs, the counter spin
may have already started in recent days.
“Charles was contracted to use pseudo names to rain
abuses, and say all manner of unprintable things on
the petitioner on that very SaharaReporters thread
where the story first appeared. And if you follow that
very thread, you will discover that all the negative
things said about the institution’s bursar, who is the
petitioner, were carried out by this Charles Oni. After
that dirty job,” our source tells us, “he was appointed
the new PRO of the institution after the sacking of
Mr. Adams Kunle.

“In quick session, Charles, came up with the pseudo
names, such as, Olufunke, Adelowo, Christina,
Olapade, and anonymously rained a series of insults, even curse words, on the bursar.” Just follow that thread, our source said, (“and) you will see the handiwork of Charles.”

It was learned by SaharaReporters that since the
story broke, covering the Olu Ibirogba petition
claiming issues and allegations of corrupt practices
at the school, Margaret Kudirat has come under fire
with wide public scrutiny. The alleged looting of the
institution’s treasury by the Rector is serious cause
for a wide investigation. Since then, the Rector and
her supporters at the school have closed ranks.

Margaret Kudirat has made what some are calling
“desperate moves” to protect her job.
The dismissal of Mr. Adams Kunle as public
relations officer, ironically, only places more
attention on the Rector’s office.

When contacted for comments, several calls and text
messages were made to the Rector’s office. All of our
calls, and other means for comment on this latest
twist were ignored.

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