18 die in Stampede at Immigration Employment Test


The Nigerian Immigration Service decided to
conduct a test for 3,000 vacant positions and the
number of Nigerian Youths that went to the various
test locations was overwhelming! Above is a collage
of the crowd at the respective venues of the
Immigration Service Test carried out in stadiums
across the country this morning.

The Abuja stadium which is to sit not more than
60,000 people had well over 80,000 youths and
only one entrance to the stadium was opened for the
applicants. It’s being reported that at least six
people died during a stampede at some of the venues
of the poorly coordinated test. The dead are mostly
from the Abuja venue. I hear a pregnant woman
was among the deceased.

The dead applicants have been taken to the
National Hospital Abuja morgue. May their souls
rest in peace…Amen.

It’s important to note that these applicants paid
N1,000 registration fee and there were over 2
million applicants…you do the calculation, that’s
about N2billion. We need the Minister of Interior
and Comptroller General of Immigration to address
what happened today. Continue to see more pics..













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