A young chinese lady appeared to document on Instagram the final moments before she committed suicide by jumping out of her high-rise apartment window. Her instagram page has since been disabled. Her instagram username is jojostai1012.


‘I will haunt you day and night after I’m dead,’ jojostai1012, from Shanghai, wrote to her ex on the photo-sharing app before her apparent suicide

She also uploaded a photo of her belongings burning and another of her legs dangling perilously out a window with a carpark many stories below

Each image received hundreds of likes by followers though no one managed to support her through her grief It’s not completely clear what happened next, but Chinese forum Mop shared a photo of what appears to be a woman’s body lying in a pool of water in a similar-looking carpark with police investigating the scene

The unnamed girl was shattered by the break up and stated that her only way out was to die.

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