Kanye West Threatens To Cancel Wedding After Learning That Kim Kardashian Dated Chris Brown


According to Radar Online, Kanye West recently “blew a gasket” after learning about a previous association between his fiance Kim Kardashian and bad boy singer Chris Brown and he’s so upset he might even consider calling off the wedding if she ever speaks to Brown again, according to one source.

“Even though the encounter between Kim and Chris happened long before Kanye came on the scene, being Kanye, he’s still intensely jealous,” a Kardashian insider told Radar.

West was shocked to learn that “Kim and Chris,
both unattached at the time, met up to talk about
promotional stuff and hear what he had in mind in
terms of merchandising and licensing for his new

“There were definite sparks, but she insisted to Kanye that nothing happened between them.

“That hasn’t stopped Kanye from having a major jealous meltdown,” the source added.

West, 36, particularly doesn’t like Brown, 24,
because of his bizarre and violent actions, particular
his notorious 2009 assault on then-girlfriend
Rihanna, 26.

“Kanye intensely dislikes Chris because of what he
did to Rihanna,” the source said.

Most recently, Brown was arrested and taken to jail
after being kicked out of a rehab facility for allegedly
leaving without permission, and refusing to take a
drug test upon returning.

“He’s obviously someone Kanye doesn’t believe he and Kim should have anything to do with,” the source said. “Especially now with their Vogue cover, Kanye knows he and Kim are an A list couple who don’t need to be tainted by associating with Brown in any way, shape, or form.

“Kanye gave Kim a stern warning to avoid him in
the future!”


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