Between Saheed Osupa and Pasuma, Saheed speaks


In an interview with a correspondent of daily independent, Fuji artist; Saheed Osupa talked about his rift with Pasuma. See excerpts below

peace meetings. More often than not, the people who make the laws that govern the industry take sides.

You always seem to be at loggerheads with Pasuma, what is the problem between both of you?

I don’t have any problem with him. Whatever misunderstanding we’ve had had to do with moving the industry forward. For instance, between 2010 and 2011, we were called to stop the face-off to ensure peace in the music industry.

I thought it was a good idea but I didn’t know that they had a plan. Pasuma said we should cancel live shows because that was the avenue artistes were using to label and abuse each other, but I told him that if he was proposing an idea, he should look at the shortcomings and the benefits, and if the shortcomings are better than the benefits, then you don’t bring such to the table. He has benefited from live shows as I have, but what about the up and coming artistes who are yet to be popular? How would they survive if you ban live shows, because you have to remember that they hardly get anything from album sales?

So, how did you resolve the issue?

We eventually decided to settle for two live shows in a month. That way, we were able to resolve the issue of flooding the market with discs of such shows, and at the same time, give the up and coming artistes the opportunity to grow.

What brought up the crisis again?
At the peace meeting I mentioned earlier, after resolving the issue of live shows, we also agreed on the number of albums that would be released in a year. It was agreed that two albums will be released and anybody who dropped a third would have the album banned. You need to understand something about me, I can survive in any situation and when they said two albums a year, I agreed with them.

Still at the meeting, they asked us to swear by the Quran that we won’t go back on our words; I did and also said if anybody abuses me, I will reply. No other person at the meeting including Pasuma used the holy book to swear; they were covering up with other discussions, and when I reminded them, they said it was not important.

Having resolved the name-calling and abuse issues, why did you and Pasuma resume the crisis? < /b>
A few weeks after the meeting, Pasuma began to abuse me; he was saying different things about me and when I went to the conveners of that meeting, they were asking me if I didn’t swear by the Holy Quran that I won’t abuse any one again. I reminded them of what I said and that since I had not been left alone, I no longer had a choice. When it was getting too much and I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to start singing back.


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