PHOTO: Juju Pot appears in front of Benue State Government House


According to Daily Independent, strange earthenware pot that was deposited at the roundabout leading to the Benue State Government House containing some items suspected to be fetish caused no small a stir on Tuesday.

Even securitymen attached to the office who had their duty post near the point where the pot was deposited fled from there usual post and pitched tent a little closer to Government House.

Sources close to government house told Daily Independent that the pot which contained blood, kola nuts and pork meat (how’d they know its pork…lol) may have been deposited in the early hours of Tuesday.

When news of the strange pot filtered into government house most of the staff locked themselves in, while some were seen in clusters discussing the pot.

Different interpretations were given to the appearance of the strange pot at the spot it was found but no plausible reason was advanced as to why the pot was deposited at that spot or who deposited it.

Some persons even connected the pot and its
contents to the governorship race in the state for the 2015 general elections.


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