Future says it didn’t take him long to have sex with Ciara


While promoting his latest album that dropped last
week, singer Future in an interview with Sway In
The Morning radio show, opened up about some
pretty private details about his relationship with his
pregnant fiancée, Ciara. He told Sway it didn’t take
him long to get in the sack with the singer.
Excerpts from the interview below.
On how long it took before they went on their
first date:
Probably, what….a week?
On how long it took him to get Ciara’s
Wow. Man, it don’t never take me long with
nothing. (Sway: A couple months?) Couple months?
It aint never took me a couple months for that. We
gone just leave that off the record though.
On being proud to celebrate his relationship
on his latest single “I Won,” with Kanye
You always wanna stand out and give the culture
something instead of taking something away. It
wasn’t expected at this time, for this generation.
On whether it was “love at first sight” for he
& Ciara:
Uh, love at first sight? It most definitely was a
chemistry there that was way different than I ever
felt before. It was great. From the beginning, we hit
it off well.
On which celebrity he’d pick to join them in
the bedroom:
That’s gone be hard. Probably J.Lo
On whether or not he cringes when he hears
music from Ciara’s industry ex-boyfriends:
Nah, because it’s in the past. You got to think about
it, I got kids. So, anytime my kids are running
around the house….what if she felt like that about
my kids? And they are in my life. Her past is no
longer her future, I’m her future.
So, when she sees my kids that are always gonna be
there, they’re a reflection of me and can always
remind her of their mothers. It’s just something that
you have to get over.
On why he’s marrying her when he didn’t
marry any of his other babymamas:
I felt like at the place that I was moving and being
in the music industry, she understood me. For me to
be focused, somebody has to understand me.
Understand my grind and understand my passion.
We share the same passion…share the same love
interest for this music. She understands. She
understands when you’re not always there.
Some people, when they grow with you, it’s just
hard for them to give that up.


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