MUST READ : Boko Haram Leader speaks about Chibok Girls on Youtube (Video) #BringBackOurGirls


On May 5, a new Boko Haram video surfaced on the Internet where Abubakar Shekau claimed they have kidnapped the 279 female students from their school’s dormitories in Chibok town, Borno State.
Our readers have already made some assumptions on the fragments of Shekau’s almost hour-long speech. We have watched and analyzed the full video address apparently issued by the sect, and now present you with the highlights of Abubakar Shekau’s speech.

Boko Haram don’t acknowledge Nigerian government (or any government whatsoever)
“[We] need … to break down infidels, practitioners of democracy, and constitutionalism, voodoo and those that are doing Western education in which they are practicing paganism.
“If you say, ‘I pledge to Nigeria, my country,’ it is wrong and an act of paganism. For me, I pledge to Allah, my God, to be faithful to my Allah, and you to your country. “With all your strength, you said you will worship a land…
“[Nigerian government] would defend indivisibility of the country and its oneness. For me, I will defend only what Allah said and you are only defending country.
“We said we will worship our Allah and stick to what he said. We left your sight and you are still fighting us. Go and form your own land, we are in Allah’s land and don’t know Nigeria. We don’t know Cameroon or Chad. … I don’t have a country. Islamiyya is what I have. “There is no President in Nigeria … No President in the world, only Islam.”
I am not Boko Haram, I am Jamaatu Allus sunna lil daawati wal Jihad [“People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad”] I don’t care what you call me, you are in trouble. I am against government of the people by the people. Boko Haram pledge more violence in the future
“I am nothing if Civilian JTF kills me. Even a small person can kill me. You killed Mohammed Yusuf [Boko Haram founder and original leader until his death at the hands of Nigerian military in 2009], are you not saying he is even better than Shekau? Even if you kill me, other fighters will rise better than me, I am nothing and worthless before God.
“We know what is happening in this world, it is a Jihad war against Christians and Christianity. It is a war against western education, democracy and constitution. We have not started, next time we are going inside Abuja; we are going to refinery and town of Christians.
“All those clerics are to be killed for following democracy, all of them are infidels. I will tell Muslims what Allah wants them to do. We are anti-Christians, and those that deviated from Islam, they are forming basis with prayers but infidels. “You are dying because of money and I will die believing in Allah.” Boko Haram threaten President Goodluck Jonathan and other world leaders
“Harvest [President Goodluck] Jonathan’s neck, harvest Kashim’s [Borno State Governor] neck, Allah said …, even in Ka’aba, if some is doing salat [prayer], for so long as he is deviating from what Allah said, he is infidel.
“After we have killed … and get fatigue, wondering on what to do with their smelling corpses, smelling of Obama, Bush, Putin and Jonathan, then we will open prison and imprison the rest.
“It is Jonathan’s daughter that I will imprison. Nothing will stop this until you convert. If you turn to Islam then you will be saved. We will kill and imprison and never get tired. Bring your trillion, there is nothing we can do with your money, if you know us you will not think that of us.
“What I will want you to know is, there is slavery in Islam, don’t be deceived about the United Nations, it is useless thing and I call them United Nations of absurdity led by Ban Ki-moon.
“Prophet Muhammed took slaves himself during Badr war. He killed many and because of this. I will also kill Obama if I catch him. I will kill Jonathan, if I catch him. Just like you want to catch me and kill me.
“All those with turbans looking for opportunities to smear us, they are all infidels. Betrayers and cheats like them, like Israel people, Rome, England, they are all Christians and homosexuals. People of Germany, [people] like Margret Thatcher, Ndume are all infidels. Abubakar Shekau on the abducted Chibok girls
Speaking on the subject of captured girls, Shekau, however, did not disclose any further infomation as to the precise number of girls they are holding or the reasons for their kindap.
“I will marry out a female at 12. I will do same for a 9-year-old girl, like it was done on my mother Aisha and wife of Prophet.
“Just because I took girls in a Western school, they are worried. I said they should even desert the school, they should go and marry. I am the one that captured your girls, and I will sell them in the market. I have my own market of selling people; it is the owner that instructed me to sell. I am selling the girls like Allah said until we soak the ground of Nigeria with [the blood of] infidels and so-called Muslims contradicting Islam.
“This is our differences and that is where I detect that Western education is infidel. This is a message to Muslims to wage war against infidels who are not doing what Allah said.”
Unfortunately, these are not empty threats. In the past month, the sect has carried out at least one of the two bombings in the Nyanya suburb of Abuja, kidnapped hundreds of girls, attacked several Nigerian towns and villages, killing dozens, setting houses on fire and abducting more girls.



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