Boko Haram bombs bar & brothel joint in Adamawa state, 60 killed

According to a breaking news report by Sahara Reporters, Boko Haram men today June 1st bombed a bar and brothel located near a major military base in Mubi, Adamawa State, killing 60 people.

Two security sources in the area told
SaharaReporters that a horrendous explosion
rocked the bar and brothel which usually
teems with civilian and military patrons. The
explosion happened close to 6 pm. Nigerian
time, both sources said. One of our sources
said none of the casualties was a soldier, but
the other stated that it was too early to
determine whether any of the dead were

The bombed facility is a short distance away
from the headquarters of the Special
Operations Battalion (SOB) of the Nigerian
army in Mubi. The battalion is at the center of
the Nigerian government’s counter-offensive
against Boko Haram’s increasingly daring
attacks on military and civilian targets.
Soldiers based in Mubi frequently join
civilians to eat, drink and dance at the
watering hole, our sources said, adding that
military commanders generally warned
soldiers not to stay at the joint past 4 p.m


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