There was a reason corruption charges was dropped
against Mohammed Abacha, the eldest son of late
former Nigerian Head of State, Gen, Sani Abacha.
$227million stolen money has been recovered from
the Abacha family. On June 25th Nigeria will
receive $227million from the government of the
Principality of Liechtenstein, Europe, as the nation
is said to have agreed to release the stolen money.

AFP reports that the federal government said today
Thursday June 19th that it dropped the charges
against Mohammed in a deal to allow the return of
the Liechtenstein money.

Mohammed Abacha is wanted in the US for his
alleged part in laundering $458m in funds stolen by
his late father and frozen by the U.S in February.
Abacha, who died in 1998 and is believed to have
stolen up to $5 billion.