30 year old Stockton California native Jeremy Meeks (pictured above) was arrested on June 18th for the illegal possession of firearms, carrying a loaded firearm in public & criminal street gang activity. Immediately his mugshot was posted on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page, people blew up the page, not because they were interested in his crime, but because of his looks, with many calling him the hottest criminal since Robin hood.

He was arrested alongside four others but nobody cares about the others, just him. Women are going nuts on Facebook and twitter over his photo.

Jeremy’s pic got over 45, 000 likes and almost 14,000 comments…with one person writing “Dear Jeremy, you can rob my house anytime you want.

Just make sure you come alone ;)”. Another one
wrote “He can add another teardrop to his face after
he murders this pussy”. Lol

Those eyes though. Many agree he’s too fine to be a
criminal, he should be a model or an actor.