Nicki minaj smashes boyfriend’s mercedes, breaks up with him

My Anaconda dont…,. Phew.. Aiite, We all know Nicki Minaj and her former forever boyfriend Safaree Samuels recently broke up… But we had no real idea of what lead to the duo’s surprising split, until now. A source has surfaced, revealing the pair got into a scary aggressive argument — which lead to Nicki allegedly smashing Safaree’s 2012 Mercedes with a baseball bat, and throwing all his clothes into garbage bags.

Law enforcement insiders said cops were called but no arrests were made. And in an inneresting plot twist, the car was actually under Miz Minaj’s name — so police couldn’t arrest her for destroying her own property. Nick’s man was escorted from her home, and the couple ended their partnership of love soon after. Although this adds another layer to our breakup puzzle, one has to wonder what they could’ve been fighting about that got the Anaconda rapper so upset. We may never know…but secretly hope the truth is uncovered!