See why women prefer the male condom

Although female condom is simple to use, a number of women find the female condom irritating to insert and bothersome during sex. But experts say through practice and experience, such concerns soon disappear.
Several women toldHealth & Livingthat male condoms give superioir sensation of pleasure than female condoms, in addition to enabling a more tension-free intercourse.
On the average, women describe female condom as “intrusive” and “difficult to use”, arguing that correct use needs to be learned before use. ”
You need to put it on long before intercourse, and that could be a big turn-off,” a young woman related. Others said the female condom is noisy, messy, more expensive and less convenient to use than the male condom.
But in its favour, the experts say if correctly used during every act of sexual intercourse, in the course of a year, the female condom could be up to 95 percent effective in preventing pregnancy and in reducing the risk of sexually transmitted infections.


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