Revealed: Between PDP and LP in Ondo State

The recent defect of the Governor of Ondo State Dr Olusegun Mimiko into PDP from Labour Party has led to an Hulabaloo among the members of the Party.
According to reports by a PDP House of Assembly Aspirant Hon. Ebenezer Adeniyan, the Labour Party and PDP MERGER is a good development. He also stated that the resulting conflict in the PDP is due to the way the Leaders of the two parties are handling the matter.

In Ebenezer Adeniyan’s words, While the crisis continued, the idea of consensus candidates propped up, with a contentious sharing formula. However, the most disturbing of this development is that the leadership of the party, on the side of the new PDP, which will take the lion share of the slots, has shown no interest whatsoever in the plights of the many aspirants of the old PDP who have spent millions of naira building the party to pursue building the party to pursue their ambitions.The Constitution recognises the governor as the Leader of the party in the state, no doubt. As the leader of the party, he could get the bigger share of the slots to new PDP (former LP). However, candidates have been picked in the most annoying manner with sheer contempt to other aspirants. In a democratic setting, before a consensus candidate is picked, all aspirants are called to a round table. explain the criteria for picking one ahead of the others. In this case, nothing of such has taken place.How would you feel as an aspirant to have spent millions of naira, to have purchased expression of interest form or nomination form, to have held several meetings, to have spent days and nights working towards the realisation of your ambition, only for everything to disappear without you getting the opportunity to participate in in the primaries of the party? It’s like paying school fees, buying books, reading day and night, only to be denied the opportunity of writing the examination.The aspirants in the old PDP who are embittered have the right to be so angry. It is the duty of the leaders of the party to give them a sense of belonging by involving them in the process of integration of theparty and selection of consensus candidates. How would you get the support of other aspirants for a candidate who emerged through the mostinfuriating and disrespectful manner?THE AKURE DEBACLEAkure, the State capital, is essential to the stabilisation of the state government, we all know. However, for all the House of Assembly seats and House of Reps seat in the two local governments of Akure South and Akure North to have been zoned to the new PDP is not the best way to do integration. There are three Assembly seats and one Reps seat in the 2 LGs but ALL of themwent to new PDP while old PDP got nothing while the two national delegates in the 2 LGs also went to new PDP.That, to me, is not a merger of parties but a change of name of LP to PDP while the original PDP disappears. This is also a way of saying the leaders and members of the old PDP in Akure are inconsequential.Let me end this by saying powerbelongs to God; He gives it to whoever He wants. Those who have it today may not have it tomorrow.The aspirants in the old PDP deserve more respect. People make parties.I rest my case, for now.