Graphic Photo: Man found dead beside vehicle in Lagos

PUNCH Reports:
There was confusion at the Ilasamaja bus stop along the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway on Thursday when pedestrians found a middle-aged man stripped half-naked and lying dead beside his vehicle.
PUNCH Metrolearnt that the man, identified as Emmanuel Ochugbu, was found by pedestrians and motorists lying beside a Toyota Camry 2004 model, believed to be his vehicle, around 6am.
When our correspondent leanrt that 60-year-old Ochugbu lived at Taofik Street in the Aboru area of Lagos.
However, while some passersby were of the opinion that the man could have been poisoned and struggled to get to the location where he eventually died, others believed that he was killed by suspected assassins, who made it looked like an accident.
An eyewitness, Mr. Akeem Opeola, said the incident caused traffic snarl in the morning as many people stopped to stare and inquire what could have happened to the victim.
He said, “The man was lying in the middle of the smaller expressway. It was shocking to see an elderly man in that manner. He foamed at the mouth and looked as if he had been dead since last night.
“People tried to find identification on him, but I am not sure they did. No one around knew his face or where his house was. It was just so unfortunate.”
Our correspondent learnt the corpse and his vehicle, marked SMK 902 DB, were removed by policemen from the nearby Ilasamaja division.
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, while confirming the incident, added that the corpse had been deposited at a morgue in Yaba.
He said, “The incident is confirmed. The corpse has been deposited in a morgue in Yaba.”


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