[Photos] Overland Airplane Crash lands at Ilorin Airport

An Overland plane carrying 59 passengers and 4 crew members crash landed this evening Saturday November 29th in Ilorin, Kwara state. The plane, coming from Abuja, was said to have overshot the runway after it landed. Here is the press release by Overland Airways

Our ATR 72 aircraft with registration mark 5N-BPG and flight number OLA 1186 departed Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja to llorin Airport at 1543hrs with 59 passengers and 4 crew on board.
It was a normal flight to Ilorin and standard procedures of flight were followed. The aircraft landed safely at Ilorin Airport at 1645hrs as scheduled and decelerated to a low speed, and in turning off the active runway, veered off the pavement.
At the directive of the Pilot In Command, our cabin crew calmly evacuated all the 59 passengers safely and they were moved to the airport terminal. No passengers or crew sustained any injuries whatsoever. Our Ilorin passengers have since collected their baggage and gone home while the Ibadan Airport bound passengers will continue on Overland Airways to Ibadan Airport.
Overland Airways confirms that the aircraft was fully airworthy and insured.
Overland Airways wishes to clarify that it was not a crash landing or an emergency landing. It was a smooth and normal landing and the passengers were safely and procedurally disembarked.
We wish to assure all our esteemed passengers and public that Overland Airways will continue to operate within the strictest standards of safety.
For further enquiries please call 234 8035355004
Signed Overland Management


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