#Update on Murdered Adeyemi College of Education Students

On Saturday 29th November, Three students of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo were hit by a car in the school premises at about 12a.m. The three students (two boys and a girl) were reportedly coming from a Asun night organised in the Quadrangle, a mini relaxation ground of the school. According to eye witnesses, the three students were returning from the Party on a Motorcycle owned by one of the boys when they were hit by the vehicle. Two of the students died instantly while the third boy was rushed to a nearby hospital. The vehicle has since then been seized my the school authority. No news of any sort has been heard about the driver of the vehicle.

A friend to the female victim (Akinkuotu Toyosi) confirmed that Toyosi still made contact with him via BBM about the party. Suspicion from her BBM PM shows that the guys may be drunk as a close source told NGvibes that Toyosi Akinkuotu does not drink. Her PM read “This people won’t kill demself like ahhhhhhh go enjoy like anything tonight” . NGvibes exclusively got a screen grab of the chat. Toyosi Akinkuotu survives by her Father, Mother and Little sister. A candle night session would be held for them on Monday. Please drop your comments



  1. Toyosi nd Sir Bola u left so soon,Toyosi d tp u startd u neva end it.hmmmm!Bola afta graduatng u neva wait for ur service.Sleep on brethren on d bossom of d lord.R.I.P

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