[Photo] Alleged Human part seller nabbed in Akure

A certain Jimoh Shwaib popularly called ‘Mopol’ has been nabbed by the police being a suspected human parts seller. According to reports by Omo Edemd, six months ago, when kidnapping got rampant all of a sudden in the southern part of the country, a woman who’s the Secretary of Yam Sellers Association at Ikare-Akoko narrowly escaped death in the den of cannibalistic and ritualistic people.

Recently, a pregnant woman was reportedly kidnapped from the same Ikare-Akoko by a commercial motorcyclist to destination where she was prematurely delivered of her pregnancy,

A few weeks back, Omo Edema was able to trace a phase of the evil links to the house shown in this post, No. 21, Obo street, Akure, Ondo State to the man; Jimoh Shwaib popularly called ‘Mopol’. The man was placed on surveillance and later caught and arrested for selling human parts.


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