According to reports by, Reality actress/ model Kylie Jenner allegedly got pregnant for Rapper Tyga and got it aborted.

Mediatakeout made reference to This week’s OK Magazine that claim that Scott Disick is planning a tell all book, about the Kardashians – and in it, he’s going to talk about Kylie’s alleged pregnancy.

OK Magazine reports, “It’s one of the Kardashian’s worst secrets that Kylie Jenner, 17, is dating rapper Tyga, 25 . . . but what the clan HAS managed to keep under wraps is that Kylie was almost a parent herself: “She panicked and old Scott, asking him his advice on what to do.” The article then went on to imply that Kylie may have had an abortion.

And apparently that ain’t change Kylie’s actions either. The magazine added, “Scott warned her to be careful, but she went right bck to her old ways.”