KAI to take down any street hawker / trader in Lagos

The Lagos State Commissioner for Environment, Dr Babatunde Adejare, yesterday issued a quit notice to street traders and hawkers in the state. He said the measure became necessary following the recent outbreak of Lassa fever in some parts of the country and Lagos in particular, as well as the coming rainy season.

Adejare made it known that street traders were not only degrading the state’s environment in total disregard to extant laws, but engaging in armed robbery, child abuse, and compounding the traffic gridlocks and vandalising valuable infrastructure in the state. The illegal hawkers and street traders have not heeded the enlightenment and advocacy messages from the ministry on the need to keep the state’s environment clean and safe to attract more investors and boost the economy of the state.
The commissioner explained that the state government had given the Kick Against Indiscipline- KAI Brigade and the Task Force, assisted by other law enforcement agencies, the directive to clamp down on all violators of its environmental laws. He said all the agencies of the ministry had been fully mobilized with men and equipment to ensure a 24-hour monitoring and enforcement for a sustainable environment.
Speaking on lassa fever outbreak, Adejare urged lagosians to maintain personal hygiene, proper sanitation in their environment, especially, clean-up of the vegetation in their premises, and proper bagging and disposal of waste to keep off the wild vector rats spreading the virus,”


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