Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox popularly known as MMM is now the order of the day. Since its inception, many people have gained a lot from the programme. Members flaunt phones, cars, houses and even land bought from MMM money. This has given rise to some people giving MMM their own name. Some say its money making machine (MMM), while some Many More Money (MMM). 

Meanwhile, few days ago, EFCC rejected a request from national assembly to arrest MMM promoters. According to EFCC statement, “MMM is not an illegal business”. This alone has given rise to many more people trooping into this programme day by day.

However, MMM Nigeria gives its participants 30% ROI (return on investment) after a month. Wow! This is very awesome. For instance, you pay in hundred thousand and get back one hundred and thirty thousand after a month. That is very amazing.

Meanwhile,stopped being amazing until the same MMM company introduced another scheme called MMM united. This very one was introduced in August this year (2016). MMM united gives you 100% ROI (return on investment) after a month. Unlike MMM Nigeria that give only 30%. 

What does this mean?

This means that if you pay in (for instance) hundred thousand, you will get two hundred thousand after a month. Wow! What an amazing offer. Since I discovered this, I have to make a quick decision between MMM Nigeria and the new MMM united.

How to register and operate MMM account.

1. First register with
2. Register for a Bitcoin wallet e.g
3. Buy Bitcoin. (You can contact me for that incase you want to buy (08069022677))

The Processes:

  1. Register with mmmunited,
  2. Register with,
  3. Purchase bitcoin to fund your wallet,
  4. Fourth, provide help in mmmunited,
  5. Fifth, wait  for hours/days  to be matched with someone/people,
  6. Sixth, pay and upload proof of payment.
  7. Seventh, wait for  the release date (30 days from the day you PH).
  8. Eight, apply  to get help, once you receive the bitcoin, confirm payment and sell your bitcoin  to get your cash.
Now, Lets take the steps one by one


1. Registeration

Click here and complete the registration form with valid  information

When you register with MMMunited you will receive an email to validate and create a new password.

UPDATED: For those having problem with receiving their activation link to their email, click here for the solution

After creating  new password, select your country and proceed.

The next thing to do is to add your bitcoin address. If you have a bitcoin wallet with, fine. If not, open account with After that, now follow the below steps below to add your bitcoin address.


Go to website click on wallet tab then click on “create a free bitcoin address”

blockchain dashboard

Now, Click on “Recieve” and copy the address that will pop out.
This is shown below…

 shown below…

  • Now, go back to your mmm united page.
  • Click on account, then click on add account.
  • Finally, the wallet address you copied on the Bitcoin address bar as shown below..


Now, your account is fully set.

If you are having problem, Chat me up on watsapp only: 08069022677

Also i can teach you how to get bitcoin free of charge and how you sell it back to get naira value in your account.


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